Public Collections And Private Collectors

Public Collections & Private Collectors

A look at contemporary acquisitions by the UK's national museums and galleries of exceptional work by living artists, across many skilled areas. Beginning with images and personal stories of several private collectors, I will include work from a collection near your society.

Image: Charlotte de Syllas carved Cacholong necklace

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CLAY, GLASS, METAL and MORE - what contemporary artists are making

An overview of the contemporary craft scene in the UK with examples of the finest innovative work in all the craft disciplines – ceramics and glass, jewellery, silver and metalwork, textiles, furniture, baskets, paper and wood.

The lecture begins with a brief history of the modern crafts movement in 1948. It is presented from the viewpoint of the gallery exhibiting and selling work to collectors, students and public collections. The many images include pieces that are in major museum collections both nationally and internationally.

Image: Edmund de Waal "Cupboard Cargo" porcelain


All that Glisters? An overview of Contemporary
British Jewellery

This lecture describes the work of key figures in the field of contemporary jewellery and shows how new techniques have led artist jewellers to work in ways which differ from traditional jewellery in both materials and concepts. Images include the innovative use of plastic, paper and found objects as well as pieces using precious metals and stones.

Image: Angela O’Kelly headpiece, coloured paper string


Weave, Stitch and Dye: Modern British Art Textiles

An introduction to the variety of textile work being made in the UK today showing in detail the work of leading textile artists.

This ranges from the domestic scale of Mary Restieaux’s fine ikat weave to the site specific commissioned work by Sally Freshwater who works with architects and engineers to produce stretched fabric panels on aluminium frames. Other images include Alice Kettle’s machine embroideries, particularly her commission for the ‘world’s largest embroidery’ for Winchester’s library, constructed panels by Michael Brennand-Wood and the frail, transient installations by Caroline Broadhead who uses light and shadows to explore the nature of the garment.

Image: Mary Restieaux silk Ikat woven hangings


Contemporary Ceramics

The lecture begins with a short introduction to the field of modern ceramics in the UK starting with the influence of Bernard Leach in establishing the role and status of the artist craftsman. This led to the development of studio ceramics of which I will show many examples.

Finally there are images of work by a generation of potters – particularly Edmund de Waal, Rupert Spira, and Julian Stair – who returned to throwing pots and have successfully explored alternative ways of exhibiting their domestic scale work outside the gallery space.

Image: Elizabeth Fritsch "Blown Away Vase" and "Optical Cup"