3 hinge tied arch
Douglas fir & galvanised steel
10M span
Shown at 'Every Angle'
ITN building, London 1994
Also shown here across
River Coln, (in flood)
Glos., UK

garden footbridge

Island Bridge

Wire braced, 4 hinge tied arch
River Frome, Tellisford Mill,
Somerset, UK
Oak & stainless steel
15M span
Designed to go
through a Willow tree
without touching,
across the tail race.
Private commission

 bowstring truss

Garden Bridge

Bowstring truss,
Oak & stainless steel
4M span
Berwick, Sussex, UK
Private commission
Exhibited in
'The Furnished Landscape'
Crafts Council, London

single truss

Public footbridge

Propped, single
plane, tied arch
River Ehen,
Cleator Mor, Cumbria
Galvanised & painted
steel, timber deck
18M span
Steel fabricated by
Haley Engineering.
Erected manually, without
powered lifting equipment,
on abutments of
dismantled railway line.
Commission by
Cumbria County Council
Built 1993

swing lift

Swing-lift opening

Modified 3 hinge arch
Painted Douglas Fir &
galvanised steel
10.5M span
Private commission
Design developed during
residency at Cove Park,
Scotland, 2001
Winner 'Wood Awards'
for Innovation, 2003
Damaged by
falling tree, 2017,
Rebuilt 2018

Loop Model 1:10

3 hinge arch
Tension and compression
interlocking loops,
self anchoring
10M span
Design, with modification
suitable up to 18M
Generic version
1990's unbuilt
Model 2012


Modified Fink Truss

River Beck, Kent, UK
English Oak & stainless steel
10M span
Commission by
Wellcome Trust
Model 1:10


Mountain Footbridge

Tied 3 hinge, tripod arch
Tassajara, CA, USA
Douglas Fir &
galvanised steel
15M span
Commissioned by monastery
at Tassajara
Erected with students 2006
Damaged by fire, re-erected
Destroyed by flood 2016


Truss Bridge

3 hinge, steel rod
tensioned, arch truss
National Pinetum,
Bedgebury, Kent, UK
English Oak &
galvanised steel
14.5M span 21M o/a
Shown during assembly
and complete 1995

modified pratt

Pratt Truss

River Parrett, Langport,
Somerset, UK
Galvanised & painted steel
27M span
Commissioned by
Somerset County Council
Winner of invited submission
Competition, 2003.
Officially opened 2006

modified pratt

Lightweight Truss bridge

Bollman Truss
Douglas Fir &
Galvanised steel
6M span
Shown on temporary footings
over River Alham
Somerset, UK
Exhibited at Age
of Experience,
Ruthin Craft Centre 2009

Rolling, Opening, Footbridge

Greenheart & stainless
steel, nylon rollers
3 x 6M Kingpost trusses
joined to make
18M through truss
One man re-assembly
on site without
powered machinery
Buscot Park, Oxfordshire, UK.
also shown at workshop 2010

Pathway Bridges

Redwood & stainless steel
single Bollman Truss 7M span
Bollman & 2 Fink trusses
16M span
Napa valley, CA, USA
Private commission for
art collector 2011
Built by Joinery Structures,
Oakland, CA, USA

Bridge Model 1:5

Warren/Tensegrity truss
oak & stainless steel
14M span as modelled
Design can accommodate
Shown without handrails
and with an untested,
experimental walkway
Design 2001 unbuilt
Model 2014
Exhibited at 'Bridge Maker'
Ruthin Craft Centre 2017
Model on base (3.5M long)

Cable-stay footbridge
Stage 1

Painted Larch &
galvanised steel
8M span, 14.5M o/a
Two man erection,
block & tackle only
Shown without handrail
on temporary exhibition site,
River Coln, Glos.,UK

Cable-stay footbridge
Stage 2

Painted Larch &
galvanised steel
9.5M span, 16M o/a
Re-located on River Exe,
Somerset, UK
With extra central
span & handrail
approach ramps not shown

Arch Truss

Stained Larch &
galvanised steel
20M span 28M o/a
Commissioned by
the Timber Framers
Guild of North America to
build at their conference 2017
Madison, Wisconsin, USA
20 hours up, 4 hours down
Built by New Energy Works, Oregon

Double Cantilever
Gap Bridge

Design 2017 span 32M
o/a 50M to be built
in Nevada, USA
for Burning Man 2019
Scale : 1:50

Double Cantilever
Gap Bridge

Computer realization of
bridge in the Nevada desert
Gap Bridge - Buring Man